pf.conf hell

So far, I’ve not been able to get packets to flow across the pf.conf interface. Better luck another day! I can see that they’re getting blocked immediately by rule0 but no way to work out what rule0 actually is.

Bridging with PF on OpenBSD

As part of tidying up “all those damn cables” and making it possible to walk around the study, I’ve been replacing the long 10+m cables I’ve used over recent years with shorter cross-over cables. Some of the newer NICs support automatic detection of the cable type & you can freely use normal cables instead of cross-over without issues. My soekris box unfortunately doesn’t support this with its 3 onboard NICs. Anyway, once I’ve got the cross-overs in place, the 2 workhorses, sendai & continuity, are wired directly into the soekris. Read On →

WP as site root

About 3 months ago, I was trying to get WP to run my whole site – but still allow access to existing pages. This seemed easy, using the new features of WP2.1 but I couldn’t seem to get the right apache magic. Recently, a few other people have had similar issues (check out WP support forums) and finally the last bits of the puzzle fell into place. It’s a mix of working with the chroot magic on OpenBSD and also correct settings for WP itself. Read On →