Shared folders using Mac OS X extended ACLs

You want to set up a shared folder on the same Mac, like iTunes or Aperture, so your family can share the same files. Let’s assume you have a group called “staff”; which everybody is already in, and a folder called “common”. This is a mac, this should be simple, right? well.. almost with a bit of terminal-fu: FOLDER=common GROUP=staff mkdir $FOLDER chown -R $USER $FOLDER chown -R :$GROUP $FOLDER chmod -R g+rw $FOLDER chmod -RN $FOLDER chmod -RI $FOLDER chmod -R +a '$GROUP allow list,add_file,search,delete,\ add_subdirectory,delete_child,file_inherit,directory_inherit' \ $FOLDER ls -lde $FOLDER You can use the slightly more permissive '$GROUP allow list,add_file,search, \ delete,add_subdirectory,delete_child,readattr,writeattr,readextattr, \ writeextattr,readsecurity,file_inherit,directory_inherit' which allows that group to change permissions and ACLs as well. Read On →

Aperture 3.03 unsupported image format

After losing my hard drive on my iMac I had a fresh install of Snow eopard & a spanking new disk too. I installed AP3.03 & opened my old library. The most recent photo shoot, from our trip to Rarotonga, is now reporting “Unsupported Image Format” for over 180 jpegs. You can see them on disk, the can read them – just AP3.03. Crap. If I export as a new library, then duplicate, they come right - but I need a better solution for the remaining 73000 photos. Read On →

A fresh start with Snow Leopard Mac OS X b10.6.4

A list of twenty things I forgot the last time from installing Snow Leopard Key Apps Transmission Komodo MailPlane KeePassX iTerm Aperture Firefox + jsonview + adblock plus + sync + firebug + about:config exportHTML=true QuickSilver Growl & GrowlTunes JungleDisk EyeTV vmWare Fusion Skype VLC Colloquy Tweaks Deep Sleep enable disk-based hiberation with sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 1 use to find out what slows things down use this: pmset -g log Build Tools XCode no surprises here Install brew then sort out perl and gems brew install git, rsync, python use pip not easy_install

Building the first CouchDB Release

Building the first ever CouchDB release coincided nicely with a complete fresh Snow Leopard install due to a dead disk. So this time I’ve tried out homebrew instead of macports as recommended by jan@ brew install erlang brew install icu4c brew link icu4c Then, to install CouchDB normally you’d just go ahead and brew install couchdb… and relax. But for a release it’s different; download the bits and: cd /tmp tar xvzf ~/Downloads/apache-couchdb-1. Read On →

old dog learns new tricks

I’ve always been interested in scalability and simple solutions. For the last ten years I’ve worked mainly in managed storage services, for large enterprises and telcos. Nothing could be further from scalability and simplicity in those environments. I’ve watched as clients poured millions of dollars and euros into badly architected apps, to thrust redundancy and reliability on them through hardware. But it’s just too late by then to fix anything. Read On →

Electronica MP3 files and music licensing

Electronica MP3 files and music licensing

Picasa on Mac

google released Picasa 3 today for MacOS - timely indeed as I’ve gotten frustrated with iPhoto 6 hate hate hate needing to manage/import 20 000 tagged and sorted photos from my PC (with Picasa) onto my Mac (with iPhoto), and have been looking at Aperture 2.0 or Expression Media as an alternative. A few things struck me immediately - Picasa3 on my iMac is really fast for sorting and scrolling through photos - admittedly on an intel dual core 2. Read On →

setting up a shared photo library in Picasa3 on MacOS

setting up a shared photo library for several users on the Mac is a piece of cake - & here’s the recipe. Leave me a comment if this helps you out. set up a shared folder space & optionally move all your existing photos into a subfolder of that setup Picasa the way you want it & select the shared subfolder as the only “watched folder” via Tools -> Folder Manager & close Picasa copy your ~/Library/Application\ Support/Google/Picasa3/ folder into the shared folder space - this ensures the permissions are picked up from the watched folder rename your original Picasa3 folder, & set up an alias or softlink instead that points to the new folder repeat #3 & #4 for each user do a final permissions check, tidyup under sudo if needed set up a shared folder space with appropriate permissions - for most people the easiest way to do this is either via chmod 777 the folder, or better, understand inherited ACLs & usesandbox to set up the permissions yourself. Read On →

america becoming france

you’ve got to love this partially satirical article in TIME about how the despised habits of the French are coming true in the Land of the Free.

setup rails on windows to use SQLite3

well the last time I looked at ruby, I did it all on OpenBSD. Seemed pretty easy at the time so I didn’t make any notes. Now I’m doing it on windows, MacOS X & amaxon’s EC2/ubuntu. SQLite is no longer the default DB in rails, but for my dev PC I don’t want the whole hog. So back to SQLite it was. I consider myself a bit of a windows guru, so I wasn’t expecting any real problems. Read On →