Munging Posterous with CouchDB

Previously I used the Posterous API to retrieve all my blogs posts. In this post, I’m going to show how easy it is to use CouchDB’s _bulk_docs API to get lots of data in via JSON import. Later on, I’ll transform it using CouchDB’s show, view and list functions. CouchDB’s bulk loading API requires JSON documents to be embedded in an array called docs within a parent JSON object that contains optional parameters to indicate to CouchDB how to handle the upload. Read On →

Using cURL and the Posterous API

Posterous has a really neat feature of their API docs - you can use it directly from the web page. Unfortunately, I only need it to migrate off to Octopress.

Log into Posterous and then open the API page. Use the first entry to obtain your API token. Put this, your login and password below and you should be able to obtain a list of your Posterous Sites, or Spaces as they’re now called.

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Great Intro to jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is the latest addition to the reliable and popular jQuery framework family. It’s rapidly evolving - just entering 1.0 beta2 as I write this post. It’s not a huge book - just 6 chapters - but covers the main points: overview paging, dialogs, ajax and history core UI elements - toolbars, buttons, lists, forms, grids theming the new jQM events and methods, and customisation putting it all together by building a twitter app from scratch There are some good quick tips thrown in throughout the book, bringing some practical experience to help newcomers, and a few bones for more experienced people as well. Read On →

ubuntu saves the day

My work laptop had a BSOD today, which looks like it was caused by bit rot on the root partition. While everything’s backed up onto S3, restores from New Zealand of 20GiB of data take a while, so I was kinda hoping to recover smoothly without getting the IT goons to visit, who probably will just rebuild it. I’m pretty sure that’s fair payment for getting chocolate inside my laptop’s fan. Read On →

LHC meets your hand

love it - what happens when you put your hand into the LHC? Scientists respond, from the quite reasonable through to the delightfully absurd. Does help if you have some physics background.

iPhone vs Android

same results, different path. I’m still +1 for the open source approach.

Building CouchDB from source on Windows

Here’s the first post of a series on getting CouchDB built from source on Windows. This one focuses on getting all the compilers sorted out - the most cumbersome part of the process. Let’s start with Erlang as it’s the core of CouchDB. Building Erlang & CouchDB on Windows requires a custom build environment, which is very sensitive to path order amongst the three different compilers used to build wxWidgets, Erlang, JavaScript, and CouchDB. Read On →

coloured git console on windows

Tired of plain text output running git on Windows? Missing your unix coloured command-line fu ? add two more environment variables under cygwin: LESS=FSRX TERM=cygwin

cygwin dumps core on Windows 2008 R1SP2 on EC2

I have been trying to speed up the process of building CouchDB on Windows by having a high-speed pre-prepared Amazon EC2 image. Microsoft’s VC++, mozilla-build with msys, and cygwin tools are required to build erlang and then later on, CouchDB which also uses erlang. So, no cygwin = no erlang = no couchdb = showstopper! If you are trying to install cygwin or similar tools on Windows 2008 R1SP2 Datacenter Edition, either 32 or 64-bit images, you’ll likely not even be able to complete the installation. Read On →

Getting started with CouchDB on Windows in 4 easy steps

Not only is CouchDB fun & relaxing, it’s also really easy to get started. Those nice Cloudant poeple are providing free couch hosting to help you get started at Getting into CouchDB on Windows So you just can’t wait to relax can you? The fastest route is just 4 easy steps to CouchDB zen: Install the bits; 32-bit versions only download & unzip curl from [] grab the couchapp installer sign up for couchdb hosting as above Relax read the couchapp quick start notes for more info on CouchDB you can read the Definitive Guide or check out the wiki with more info on running with Windows quirks