Perl Pocket Reference

Perl Pocket Reference is exactly that, and no more - or less however!

This 5th Edition is a venerable update to one of the web’s most transformative programming languages. Perl’s regex have become endemic (some would say advisedly so) in every language since, and it pioneered coming to terms with internationalisation and unicode in the browsable internet.

The format hasn’t changed much but the coverage brings it up to date with 5.14 again, and is a great value addition to your indispensable Llama and Camel books that you’ve no doubt already got. While much of the material is arguably available from terminal via perldoc, or the online equivalent, you can’t beat flicking through this even from the keyboard. It’s terse style leads you straight to the information you need, without frills.

Overall: If you are not a full-time perl developer, or have intermediate skills, you’ll find yourself flicking through this time & time again to confirm just how that specific function does work. The electronic versions are conveniently supported with relevant links to forums and online docs meaning you are never far away from further information if you need it. It’s greatest challenge is the ubiquitous search engine, but at this price it’s arguably great value.

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