Timeline of 2011 releases

  • by end of Q1 - 2.2.2 Release
  • by end of Q2 - 2.2.3 Release
  • by end of Q4 - 2.2.4 Release

2.2.2 Release

  • Portlet instances
    Instances allow site editors to quickly create new portlet variants based on modified preference and other descriptor settings. Use case: a customized IFrame portlet with all preferences and localized metadata pre-configured.
    • create portlet instances from a portlet (API)
    • wizard to create an instance from a portlet, overriding preferences
    • Integrate with search, toolbox
    • protect instances from deletion on deployment
    feature lead: DST

  • Documentation
    • LDAP documentation updated
    • Improve clarity, provide context where needed
    • Set up documentation team
    feature lead: RW

  • Search Engine
    Improve Jetspeed Search Engine
    • Continue the work on a more generic Search Engine API
    • Implement user/user attribute search via new Search Engine API as prove of concept
    feature lead: JM

  • OSGi
    Support deployment to OSGi container
    • Deployment on OSGi Web Container
    • OSGi portlet bridge
    feature lead: WK
    a) If OSGi Web Containers provide transparent deployments on web application bundles, the only thing we can do is just to test deployments against some OSGi Web Containers.
    b) Refer to http://felix.apache.org/site/apache-felix-http-service.html. Similarly, we could provide a portlet bridge which loads and invokes portlet OSGi component from OSGi context.
    Patches will be appreciated.

  • Extended Database Support
    Create/Seed database on jetspeed startup
    feature lead: VK

  • Maintenance, Bug fixes
    • Performance improvements
    • Data Migration improvements
    • Maven 3.0 compliance
    • Bug fixes
    feature lead: team

  • Domains
    Full support of multihosted domains on a single portal deployment.
    • add domains system folder
    • administer users by domain
    • domain valve to map request to domain
    • environments
    • delegated security by domain
    • security policy per domain
    feature lead: DST

2.2.3 Release

The Jetspeed 2.2.3 release is scheduled for end of Q2

  • JetUI Enhancements
    Continue JetUI development started in 2.2.1
    • customization of all template types (DPSML, TPSML, DPSML)
    • additional layouts in jetui
    • nesting in jetui
    • add/remove columns
    • abstract jetui to work outside of jetspeed
    • preset arrangements (side by side)
    • tabbed menus, add / rename / delete in place
    • client side action handling
    feature lead: DST

  • Jetspeed Microkernel (Lite)
    • a simple build of Jetspeed
    • no pages, no layout
    • no security
    • local PAs
    • eclipse / netbeans simple integration
    • API cleanup
    feature lead: DST

  • GWT Portlets (APA)
    GWT Portlet examples and infrastructure
    feature lead: BG

  • Content Portlets (APA)
  • feature lead: WK
    Basic features were already provided in apa-content sandbox project (http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/portals/applications/sandbox/content/trunk).
    TODOs: a) Upgrading Jackrabbit dependency to 2.x, b) Documentation
    Patches or documentations will be really appreciated.

  • OAuth

2.2.4 Release

The Jetspeed 2.2.4 release is scheduled for end of Q4

  • Jetspeed Express
    A more feature-enabled distribution of Jetspeed
    feature lead: VK

  • Decorator Upgrade
  • Admin Portlets cleanup
  • Gadgets
  • XML cleanup
  • Cleanup Statistics Portlet
  • Replace OJB with JPA
  • Registry Export