Enabling science and engineering innovations.

I get facinated by enabling scientists to do what they are good at…science… and not get distracted by the emerging and disruptive technologies. Lot of my current work surrounds around science gateways and blending emerging technology disruptions to democratize science while lowering the barrier to access high performance and high throughput computing resources and other emerging Cyberinfrastructure.

My intellectual hunger stays alive pondering on a question – what did you learn today which you did not know yesterday?–. While contributing my drop in the ocean, I focus on research areas around next generation scientific workflow systems and general purpose science gateway software eco system. As an applied reseracher, my interests lie at the intersection of application domain science; high performance computing; distributed systems; service oriented architectures and scientific workflow systems.

Currently I am itching towards next generation distributed systems which can support explaratory science. This has been a well studied and explored area. I want to revisit the well established theories and put them into the perspective of large scale cyberinfrastructure. Scientific exploration is not a static and predetermined process but is instead a very interactive process. Despite all the hype and buzz in industry and acadamia, the workflow systems in particular are making incremental and evolutionary progress. With all the technology advancements, we need a revolutionary paradign shift to realize dynamic, adaptive and interactive systems to enable the scientific exploration which in reality is hardly deterministic. I work with multi-disciplinary experts to explore this area.