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Release History

Version Date Description
1.0.0 2016-07-22 Initial release =============== The initial release is known to build on Linux, MacOS/X and Windows (using MinGW). It may build on other systems. Please note that the JNA interface to OpenSSL is a preliminary release. It is relatively slow, but may be of use on systems which aren't yet supported by the JNI code.

Release 1.0.0 – 2016-07-22

Type Changes By
Add Enable common code quality reports. Fixes CRYPTO-68. britter
Fix Warnings compiling on MacOSX - JNIEXPORT redefined. Fixes CRYPTO-65. Thanks to sebb. britter
Add User guide documentation . Fixes CRYPTO-11. Thanks to Ke Jia, Jerry Chen. Ke Jia
Add Rename CryptoInputStream to CipherInputStream and CryptoOutputStream to CipherOutputStream . Fixes CRYPTO-12. Thanks to Xianda Ke. Xianda Ke
Add The API differences between apache.commons.crypto and JCE . Fixes CRYPTO-13. Thanks to Xianda Ke. Xianda Ke
Update Utility classes should not have public constructors . Fixes CRYPTO-26. Thanks to Dapeng Sun. Dapeng Sun
Update Update the README.md of Apache Commons Crypto . Fixes CRYPTO-28. Thanks to Ferdinand Xu, Ke Jia. Ferdinand Xu
Fix Make sure Cipher.ENCRYPT_MODE is consistent with JDK . Fixes CRYPTO-29. Thanks to Dian Fu, Sebb. Dian Fu
Update Change default cipher as OpensslCipher . Fixes CRYPTO-3. Thanks to ferdinand xu. Ferdinand Xu
Fix Mutable fields should be private . Fixes CRYPTO-30. Thanks to Ferdinand Xu, Sebb. Ferdinand Xu
Update Make fields final wherever possible . Fixes CRYPTO-31. Thanks to Ferdinand Xu, Sebb. Ferdinand Xu
Update SecureRandom shadows JVM class . Fixes CRYPTO-33. Thanks to Xianda Ke, Sebb. Xianda Ke
Fix JavaSecureRandom should throw Exception if it cannot create the instance . Fixes CRYPTO-34. Thanks to Dapeng Sun, Sebb. Dapeng Sun
Update Always use blocks . Fixes CRYPTO-38. Thanks to Dapeng Sun, Gary Gregory. Dapeng Sun
Add Remove the full qualified package name for shadowed classes . Fixes CRYPTO-40. Thanks to Xianda Ke, Jerry Chen. Xianda Ke
Add Remove the header files required for cross platform compilation . Fixes CRYPTO-42. Thanks to Dian Fu, Jerry Chen. Dian Fu
Add Document how to build Commons Crypto . Fixes CRYPTO-45. Thanks to Dian Fu, Benedikt Ritter. Dian Fu
Fix Fix build of MAC_OS . Fixes CRYPTO-47. Thanks to Dapeng Sun. Dapeng Sun
Add Setup site build as defined in commons-parent pom . Fixes CRYPTO-48. Thanks to Benedikt Ritter, Dapeng Sun. Benedikt Ritter
Fix CRYPTO-1 Fix build of X86 . Fixes CRYPTO-49. Thanks to Dapeng Sun. Dapeng Sun
Update Rename source code in Chimera to Apache name space . Fixes CRYPTO-7. Thanks to ferdinand xu. Ferdinand Xu
Fix Fix build on Mac OS Fixes CRYPTO-57. Thanks to Benedikt Ritter. Benedikt Ritter
Fix Fix possible NPE in OpensslCryptoRandom Fixes CRYPTO-61. Thanks to Hendrik Saly. Hendrik Saly
Fix US Export classification and ECCN registration for encryption Fixes CRYPTO-54. Thanks to Stian Soiland-Reyes, Jerry Chen, Benedikt Ritter, Gary Gregory. Dapeng Sun
Update Add multithreaded related tests Fixes CRYPTO-62. Thanks to Hendrik Saly. Hendrik Saly