This page details the changes made in the current version only.
Earlier changes are detailed in the History of Previous Changes.

Version 3.1


New and Noteworthy

Improve Report/Dashboard

The Dashboard has been improved with 3 new graphs and 1 summary table:

New Metrics

A new sent_bytes metric has been introduced which reports the bytes sent to server.
Another metric connect_time has been enabled by default in this version

Handling Big responses

JMeter is now able to handle in terms of metrics responses bigger than 2GB, limit has been increased to 9223372 TB.
To handle such big responses, it can also now truncate part of the response to avoid overflooding memory. See httpsampler.max_bytes_to_store_per_request property.

New __groovy function

Introduce a new function __groovy that enables Groovy functions. This can be handy, as JavaScript can be quite slow (same for BeanShell), when used in highly concurrent test plans.

Use Groovy as default for JSR-223 elements

Groovy is now set as the default language for JSR-223 elements. If you want to use another of the supported language, you have to make an explicit choice.
By default Cache compiled script if available is not checked by default although we advise you to check it and ensure you don't use ${varName} syntax to access JMeter variables but vars.get("varName") instead.

Formatted HTML source view in Results Tree View

The HTML source code in the Results Tree View can now be viewed formatted. This is extremely useful, if the code of the webpage has been stripped of all superfluous whitespace.
New formatted HTML source view
New formatted HTML source view

Core improvements

Documentation improvements

Incompatible changes

Deprecated and removed elements or functions

These elements do not appear anymore in the menu, if you need them modify not_in_menu property. The JMeter team advises not to use them anymore and migrate to their replacement.


HTTP Samplers and Test Script Recorder

Other samplers



Timers, Assertions, Config, Pre- & Post-Processors



Report / Dashboard


Non-functional changes

Bug fixes

HTTP Samplers and Test Script Recorder

Other Samplers



Timers, Assertions, Config, Pre- & Post-Processors





We thank all contributors mentioned in bug and improvement sections above:

We also thank bug reporters who helped us improve JMeter.
For this release we want to give special thanks to the following reporters for the clear reports and tests made after our fixes:

Apologies if we have omitted anyone else.

Known problems and workarounds