Welcome to britter at ASF

Hello, my name is Benedikt Ritter and this is my personal committer page at the ASF. I’m living in Germany in the rhine-area in a city called Duisburg. I’m a member of the Apache Commons PMC, where I work mainly on:

Commons Lang

A library that provides a host of helper utilities for the java.lang API. If you’re tied of writing code like

if (myString != null && !myString.isEmpty()) {
  // do something with myString

then you should give Commons Lang a try and the above code will become

if (StringUtils.isEmpty(myString)) {
  // myString is not null and not empty

Commons CSV

A library for parsing comma separated value files. It has the most important CSV Formats already build in and provides a rich fluent API to define custom CSV formats. Parsing CSV data becomes as easy as:

Reader in = new FileReader("path/to/file.csv");
for (CSVRecord record : CSVFormat.EXCEL.parse(in)) {
    String lastName = record.get("Last Name");
    String firstName = record.get("First Name");

Commons BeanUtils2

A rewrite of the Commons BeanUtils library which aims at simplifying the usage of reflection in Java. It provides a fluent API for accessing and setting properties of JavaBeans.

import static org.apache.commons.beanutils2.BeanUtils.on;

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